Our Second Birthday event was Day IX Dec 2009

We did it we survived another day!!.

We had a very interesting 2nd Birthday with our venue contact forgetting the booking leaving us with a last minute panic. A level headed suggestion from Jim got Carole on the phone with the Grail Court Hotel who kindly offered their hall for a reasonable price for the day. Leaving a couple of people behind to redirect we left with some early arrivals who helped us setup at the alternative venue.

Then just as we got ready and the the first new arrivals made it we got a call that our contact will be able to open our venue in 15mins, so we packed up rushed back over to the main venue and with the help of everyone we managed to set up and get going only 1 hour late.  THANKS to everyone who mucked in to help us it was really appreciated and we were glad people seemed to be enjoying the day after the hiccup.

Big thanks to the Grail Court for providing a last minute alternative and for letting us off any charges when we got our main venue back

We had a good attendance which is fantastic and everyone looked to be having a good time which is what it is all about.

Also a BIG thankyou to the Salvation Army for providing the excellent hall and facilities.

Once again we had a fun packed day of gaming helped by the friendly, fun and helpful people that attend.

See you all next time and make sure you tell all those that could not make it what they missed and get them to come next time

From all of the Raiders of the Game Cupboard Organising commitee once again:


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