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Welcome to the Raiders site we hope you are looking for fun because you have come to the right place.
Raiders of the game Cupboard was born because a group of friends wanted to get together and play various games all day without life stuff getting in the way, so every three months [depending on calendar events elsewhere] we run an event for people like us who just want to take a day off real life and have fun.
If you have not been to the event we are a friendly bunch who have lots of different games between us which you are welcome to join in with. The event covers Board Games, Card Games, Miniatures and Roleplaying, please check out the Raiders of the Game Cupboard Section on the Big Bang Burger Bar forum for discussions about any specific games being organised.
If you would like to attend the event in the future, let us know at the desk that it’s your first time and one of the organisers will try show you round and make sure you are involved in a game you fancy. You can play old favourites or try something new, there is always someone willing to show you a new and exciting game, check out the Gallery for past events and see us making fools of ourselves.
The event is growing all the time and we are very pleased we can say at the end of the day, that was fun, when’s the next one.
See you there!
Our next event is scheduled for the 8th Jan 2022. Only 42 Days to Go!!
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Raiders of the Game Cupboard L

There is light at the end of the tunnel and it has been a while so thought it was about time to post an update for Raiders of the Game Cupboard.

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Other News: Spirit Games and Committee updates

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Covid-19 and Raiders of the Game Cupboard

With the changing situation meaning regional Lockdowns, social distancing still in effect and tougher measures being implemented to contol the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic it is with regret that Raiders of the Game Cupboard will remain cancelled until further notice.

Our hope is to be able to run something again in 2021 and we will continure to monitor the on-going situation.

Please keep checking the website for updates regarding the situation and we will return as soon as it is safe for everyone to do so.

Stay Safe, look after yourselves, loved ones and each other.

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