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Posted by Oridyne on 05 Oct 2014
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So we made the trip across the River into our new gaming home:

I have to say I was worried that the move would have a real adverse effect on our event but in the end everyone seemed really pleased with the new venue and I had lots of people coming up to me to talk about how much they liked the new space. There was more positive vibes then ever before and I think this bodes extremely well for the future of our event.

Setup for us was a dream as we no longer have to lug tables and chairs up a narrow staircase, with the added bonus of having everyone in one room making things a lot more sociable. The hall was light and airy with plenty of room for all the gamers to move around without bumping chairs, always a good thing Wink

We have a few lessons to learn, we still need to work on how best to lay out the tables for access to all of the facilities whilst leaving suitable aisles for people to get around easily but that will all come with time.

I did feel a bit like an expectant father for the first few hours but soon settled down for some gaming trying Sons of Anarchy and Greed after getting to play another game of Yunnan. I'm sure I played another game but the old grey cells fail me now & again  Dont Know  Coffee

I enjoyed the game of Sons of Anarchy but it would not normally be my choice of game, I would probably try it again now I know a bit more of what I am doing but not one I would go out of my way to play. Greed was very interesting, fun and extremely quick to play though I was truly awful at it this first game. I would definitely be up for another go to see if I could manage a better standing second time around. Yunnan I am liking more and more each play as there is a lot of things to keep an eye on with some meaningful strategic choices to be made each turn, I always have fun playing this and try different tactics I have yet to win, but as I own it I probably never will else the universe may suffer  Dont Know  Grin

There were plenty of games being played throughout the day, with several games of Lords of Waterdeep in evidence here is a picture of one of them:

For more pictures of the day visit our Gallery on the Forum or our Website

We had a good crop of new people along with some of the usual suspects, which is always good especially given our change of venue.

Well I have probably rambled enough now but I would just like to extend a HUGE thanks from all of the committee to everyone who attended the event this time. Whilst the committee put a lot of time and effort in to keep this ship afloat it would all be for 'nowt if we did not have people wanting to come to play games and have fun.


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