Raiders of the Game Cupboard VI was on the 28th of March and seems to be going from strength to strength, attendance was around 50 which was great. 
Everyone had plenty to choose from and lots of old favourites and new additions were played on the day.
Here’s a few:
Arkham Horror reared its ugly head again but the players were victorious in their efforts to slay the monsters and save the city.
Settlers of Catan was played with the Cities & Knights expansion, those knights are pesky little devils.
Blue Moon City was another favourite played and was rebuilt from scratch to restore the city to its former glory.
It’s Alive was another one played which is a shortish game bidding for body parts to complete your monster before shouting “IT’S ALIVE” and revealing your reconstructed monster to all.


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Raiders of the Game Cupboard L

There is light at the end of the tunnel and it has been a while so thought it was about time to post an update for Raiders of the Game Cupboard.

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In other News

Other News: Spirit Games and Committee updates

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Covid-19 and Raiders of the Game Cupboard

With the changing situation meaning regional Lockdowns, social distancing still in effect and tougher measures being implemented to contol the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic it is with regret that Raiders of the Game Cupboard will remain cancelled until further notice.

Our hope is to be able to run something again in 2021 and we will continure to monitor the on-going situation.

Please keep checking the website for updates regarding the situation and we will return as soon as it is safe for everyone to do so.

Stay Safe, look after yourselves, loved ones and each other.

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