Arnu's Games

The games I played at Raiders III:

After a number of games listed on Oskars post (Tortuga, The Sheperd and his Dog, Monastry & Robo rally)

I went on to play

Dungeons & Dragons The Board Game
This is the basic forerunner to the D&D Miniatures it's a great fun game that simple to play but still keeps the fun of a pure dungeon crawl, this was played with Vince, Dave S, Gary & Arran, with myself as DM.  The heroes faces a band of Goblin raiders and on the way out (Improvised a through in a troll for good measure).

This is a game I've wanted to play for ages and now I've finally had the chance.  This is a tile placement game where each tile is and insect (with a different type of move), the object of the game is to surround your oponants queen and thus win the game.  I played against Phil (he of Spirit Games fame) and I managed to win in a suprise victory.

And another game of Tortuga (This time with Phil of Spirit Games, which I lost in no uncertain terms but still a fun game)


EvilGinger's Games

A lovely little game on my to get list which I managed to lose again but would play again in an instant

very much hero quest for the 21st century by the same people who do Rune bound long game which was pretty evenly matched until it went horribly wrong for the hero team in the penultimate room. also on my to get list but I need more painting to afford it <hint>

a great day even if I wimpled out at 5pm ish

must get some sleep before the next one.

Crazyfrog's Games

Games played / ran at Raiders or as I now think of it the gateway to Arkham and sanity

2 games of, but forgot who topped me off in them.

Infernal Contraption
Starting playing but couldn't give it full attention as I was getting ready for my victims, (sorry professional players) for Arkham Horror.
I need to play this again it looks great fun.

Over to the big event. (drum roll please)

Arkham Horror - King In Yellow
6 Players including myself went to see the great play of The King In Yellow in Arkham.
Things went well for the players we stopped the first Act appearing (by adding 2 extra too the doom track), then as time went on I knew the end was coming.
The first act finally started as the doom track was about 9/10, then the second act started about 5 rounds later, finally 2 rounds later act 3 started and that was the end of all things.

The players liked how the game ramped up, it was slower than when I last played this expansion, but I think that was down to some very good card shuffling to put the act cards near the bottom.

Having resurrected myself I then played


It`s Alive


Great fun and you get to play with small magic carpet pieces, can get very tactical when thinking about future moves of players.

Looking forward to Raiders 4 and most likely more Arkham 


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