This time I managed to play the following games:

I played 2 games of this with Snakes in the Tiki Lounge, Crazyfrog, Evilginger, and for the second game Pallet Ranger. This started the day off well for me as I won both games. This is a really well made game which is quick and easy to play but provides enough for gamers and non-gamers alike.

Infernal Contraption
We moved onto this for our next game which involved Pallet Ranger, Crazyfrog, Snakes in the Tiki Lounge and myself. This is a really fun card game where you build a machine and try to scupper the other players using up all their parts. Players are eliminated when they run out of parts and the winner is the last gremlin standing. I managed to get eliminated Twice from this game as I having been eliminated once I had to take over Crazyfrogs machine and was cruelly eliminated again. Pallet Ranger eventually won out.

I seem to have managed never have played this despite this being one of Phil at Spirit Games favourite games. Pallet Ranger challenged me to a game of this and despite a dodgy move at the start of the first game leaving me to lose very quickly I enjoyed it so we had another game. Having now seen the error of my ways I manage to hold my own and eventually win the second game. This game is very addictive and looks very nice the pieces are extremely well made and I think I will play more of this in the future.

Robo Rally
I have always loved this game, I will always be up for a game of this. You control your robot across the factory floor trying to touch a number of flags in order whilst trying to avoid hazards and the other robots. We played this with Oskar, Pallet Ranger, Arnu, Alec and myself. After much hilarious mis-programs, bumping, shooting, powerdowns and deaths Oskar finally romped home easily leaving the rest of us scrabbling to even touch the first flag :)

This is a really nice game, the pieces are well made and unique. This is a tile laying game with a definite twist, you play monks competing to build and complete a word of the lords prayer. This plays really well and is quite easy to pick up but requires a lot of thinking and planning in order to achieve your goal. We played this with Oskar, Pallet Ranger, Arnu and myself, after a fairly even game Oskar went on to win despite not completing her word, she just had a lot of blessings stored behind her screen!!!!.

Once again this game is a joy to play, the whole game is so well made all the pieces are beautiful. This one was played with Crazyfrog, Oskar, Phil and myself. After a lot of pondering and competition we finally scored the game and Phil Won.

It's Alive
While Phil went to collect Sally from the Shop we decided to have a quick game of this to fill the time. We played this with Oskar, Pallet Ranger, CrazyFrog and Myself. Pallet Ranger seemed to get more than his fair share of Villager uprisings, after a lot of selling body parts I finally managed to complete my monster screamed "Its Alive" and totted up the scores to find that even with the Bonus for completing the monster I lost to Oskar who after counting the mountain of money she was allowed to add in beat me by 4 points.

This is always a fun game and great filler. Phil not having returned yet from picking up sally so we had to play another little game. This one involved Oskar, Pallet Ranger, Crazy Frog and myself. The gaming gods did not favour me again this game and I was left to lose another game as Pallet Ranger won this bu 1 point.

This is a deceptively simple game that is highly addictive and great fun. It is a beautiful looking game with each player having to lay pieces of carpet on the board aiming to have as much of his carpet let showing at the end. We played this with Oskar, Sally, Crazyfrog and myself. If you land on an other players carpet you pay 1 coin for each square of carpet of the same colour that are joined. I really like this game and can't wait for its release. Oskar and Sally were trying to intimidate me and Crazyfrog by saying they would have an advantage having played before but in the end Crazyfrog won with me in second place.

A good day was had by all and thanks to everyone who came and played.

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